No doubt that cross-contamination, whether physical, chemical or microbiological, represents a major challenge to clean areas of life sciences industries. But with the technological advancement for buildings and facilities, comes over time the improvement of equipment and processes. Conventionally, a washing room is built with some additions to the processes, such as vats, drains, etc. However, over time, constant Risk Analysis is required so that other areas do not affected by contamination generated & stucked in these environments.
The Washing Central Turn Key by REINTECH offers controls at washing and drying areas for a several utensils, and can be installed in all types of industry, as a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food or even durable goods.
The equipment is fully customized considering the actual process needs.
The main element, Wash Box, has its structure in stainless steel profile AISI 304, with continuous welding and completely free of leaks. The wash box has floor grids, dimensioned for high loads and below these there is a drainage system with individual tanks and siphon drain. For small washes it is considered the supply of a specific well and for the necessary utilities for the sanitation, technical shafts, also made in AISI 304 stainless steel are provided.
The Wash Center has extra functions, combining the other specialties such as special clean room architecture, fluid / electric utilities, HVAC systems, drying rooms and a several layouts.
REINTECH with over 15 years of experience in Contamination Control has developed this unique technique for the market, with easy operation and maintenance for the user.

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