Keeping the commitment to use tools for our customers know products in detail, we have developed the first video of a series on our youtube channel.
This initiative seeks to demonstrate our Contamination Control technology. In this sense, we will make dynamic the presentation of our differentials and optionals that daily reach challenges on market.
Get to know our Air Handling Unit, centralized production equipment for treated air conditioning supplied through the ventilation ducts. The air will be supplied to the spaces with thermo-hygrometric treatment and also an Indoor Air Quality level, by filtration.
The video shows our AHU’s made in cabinets, assembled with panels of thickness 50mm, 75mm or 100mm in retarded expanded polyurethane, with the exterior covered with pre-painted galvalume plate and galvanized interior, pre-painted aluminum or stainless steel. An internal surface of the cabinet is flat, making cleaning easier inside the module.
The Air Handling Unit can be sent for installation in modules or unmouted, the modules can present varying components, depending on the complexity and requirements, and working to fulfill a need of the environment.

We are REINTECH, technology with your imagination.

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