The microbiological cross-contamination has been the main concern for asepsis, because when microorganisms are exchanged, most of the time the responsible for cross-contamination is the professional in charge.
About hand sanitization using alcohol gel displays, most gel products offer the same effect as a simple wash tat uses soap, however due to its alcohol composition gel, it create a microbial biofilm formation, with microorganisms adhered to a surface.

Hand sanitize is considered the most effective measure of asepsis, a simple and safe process can prevent any hospital infection. Hand sanitize usually requires an infrastructure adjustment, as sink and soap, as well as training for adhesion and correct washing time. Still the use of sanitizing liquid such as a 70% alcohol and a water solution is more recommended than washing hands with soap and water.
Hand Hygienizer decrease time of asepsis procedures, work with 10 seconds cycles from 70% alcohol jets. It have sensors whom eliminate display contact and contamination between users. REINTECH company recently updated REINHAND, a Hand Hygienizer for improve decontamination process, for supporting the hospital, pharmaceutical and food processes in Brazil.

According to ANVISA RESOLUTION-RDC No. 42, in “Art. 1º It is hereby approved the mandatory provision of alcoholic preparation for antiseptic friction of the hands, by the health services of the country, under the terms of this Resolution. “

“In addition to avoiding possible microbiological cross-contamination, REINHAND operates by hand-held approach sensor, brings a call to care for clean room, creating a philosophy for operators that is a whole regime to be respected inside a clean room. “said Artur Renó, Coord. Reintech’s Commercial Technician.

The Reinhand is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with easily accessible autoclavable sanitizing tank. By hand approaching the REINHAND spray nozzle, the liquid solution is atomized on the hands for a predetermined period of time. Its design offers ease of cleaning, durability, eye protection and quick installation.

“Your reservoir system has been redesigned so that it has greater ease of access and daily exchanges, allowing the reservoir removal without having to open it. With an isolated electrical part system, it avoids any type of contaminating particle. ” Said Gustavo Monteiro, equipment designer.

The equipment is the only one developed in Brazil, for its installation it is necessary a 110 / 220V. Reinhand will be on display at the FCE Pharma trade show at the Reintech booth.

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