Founded in 2003, REINTECH, has been formed by one of the most skilled teams of engineers from Brazil since its start.
REINTECH prioritizes the solution to the real needs of our customers, presenting our activities in two ways:
Project engineering and consulting and product Engineering and industrialization.

The company is specialized in design, manufacture of equipment and accessories for clean rooms, areas of biocontainment and controlled environments.

The constant search for state of the art and innovation through research is responsible for the development of new products and patents, always taking into account the specific industrial processes for industry life science.

We are REINTECH, technology in Contamination Control.

Our compromise


Develop products dedicated to the real needs of our customers.

To develop projects with best cost-benefit possible to the final product.


International recognition in systems design, development and manufacture of products, equipment and accessories for contamination control.


To create, develop and facilitate innovative technical solutions for our customers.
To believe that our future is based on the quality of all services developed by our company.

Lead the development of our projects to the highest degree of business ethics.
Mix imagination and technology to offer products, accessories and equipment with innovation, high technique and financial viability.

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