Vials Inspection Hood

Nowdays, among many robotized options for products inspection resulting from stereo productions, there is also on market equipments for manual and visual inspection. In awhile REINTECH engineering company has seen a possibility of innovation to meet a need for injector manufacturing segment. They created the Vials Inspection Hood with optical selection technology that presents mobility within the plant and low cost.

The visual selection technique, the bottle is positioned in contrast to the light and matte surface, for the perfect process of manual inspection of blisters, flasks or syringes, in small batches or to check random samples in production batches. The material is made entirely of aluminum with two-color, anti-reflective powder coating and non-apparent LED lamps, a handle transport and articulated magnifying glass for even more accurate inspection. This equipment appear after the request of a health institution that already knows and relies on the technology of the company.

REINTECH is a Brazilian company, founded more than 10 years ago, that listening and respond the real requirements of its clients, pioneering in Contamination Control.

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