Reintech Air Lock

Access to a clean area is obviously controlled. Strict procedures should be followed to avoid contamination. Some of these procedures are: the use of appropriate clothing, the total hygiene of the hands and the decontamination at the entrance of the clean room. After all, a human being disperses millions of particles from his skin and clothing, and is therefore the main vehicle of contamination. 

In the case of the professional, he’s can exchange his/her personal clothing for work, a cleaner environment is required than the corridor, but mandatory with the same cleaning class of the area to be accessed (Life Sciences). This environment before the clean room is  known as Air Lock. It should have a positive pressure in relation to the less clean environment and usually negative in relation to the main one. If the manipulated product requires containment in the environment, normally, it is necessary to use two or more connected antechambers and their pressures will be adjusted according to the need of the plant.

At Reintech, we develop Air Lock both for personnel passages (PAL, personnel airlock) and for material passages (MAL, airlock material). They are produced with operational and safe alarms and interlocks, fully respecting the precepts defined by the current legislation for this type of operation, such as GMP, ANVISA among others. They are suited to the real needs of the environments operating in Grade D to Grade A

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