In early 2007 REINTECH developed Hydrogen Peroxide Pass Through, which meets disinfection specificities for life sciences industries when the product can not be autoclaved or otherwise disinfection tool.
PTBIO-H has been produced for the biological decontamination of several materials, including those that are non-heat-resistant, taking into account the processes of entry into sterile areas production and exit of biocontainment areas. The sanitizer for decontamination is generated inside the PTBIO-H with dry fog and steam in a mixed tecnique that are not in direct contact with the product.
The REINTECH equipment has aluminum frame with complete stainless steel coating, watertight doors that guarantee complete decontamination for the exit or entrance of materials, and allow a working environment with high security for the employee. Each decontamination cycle is monitored by an IHM screen, with an automatizated system where the operator can control the sanitization time, ventilation time and opening control.
“Levels of access for system users are defined, allowing only the highest levels to make modifications, avoiding operators or unauthorized users modify the decontamination cycles, as well as creating operational routines within the system in order to guarantee the general efficiency in the process.” said Vinícius Andrade, Engineer responsible for equipment contracts.
Recently, REINTECH updated the equipment with two important changes: Restructured the tank size to 1000ml, increasing the system’s storage and cycling capacity. And converted the equipment to stand-alone mode, which features stand alone fan for your application.
“The Hydrogen Peroxide Pass Through features a built-in bypass air circulation system controlled by automatized stamping dampers, preventing this during the decontamination period (where there can be in the air circulation within the internal chamber of the equipment) the air balancing of the room does not change, avoiding possible variations in the pressure cascade.Another interesting point is the decontaminant system in the equipment, can use a range of liquid sanitizers like Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid and others, increasing the applicability of the equipment”- Added Eng. Vinicius Andrade.
PTBIO-H REINTECH has already been supplied to biosafety and vaccine production labs. In the new video of REINTECH we can see the whole cycle of the operation of the equipment, besides its possibilities with matrix printer and H202 catalyst system.
REINTECH has the equipment patent which was requested in 2007, and counting on multidisciplinary experience focused on Contamination Control, that allowed the development of this unique technique for the market, with easy operation and maintenance users.

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