The history of ''Unidirectional Vertical Air Flow''

One of the most important milestones in the history of cleanrooms was the invention, in 1960, of the concept of ventilation with ''Unidirectional Vertical Air Flow''. Discovered by Willis Whitfields, the ''Unidirectional Vertical Air Flow'', was built in a small room, where air, rather than being supplied by diffusers on the ceiling and blending with the turbulent air of the room, was supplied by a HEPA filter bench with a speed of 1mph (0.44 m/s). Much evolution has occurred in these more than 60 years, today the use of ''Unidirectional Vertical Air Flow'' is usually used in areas with aseptic processes, areas where protection airflow is required and in Clean Zones in pharmaceutical, micro-electronic and optical industries.

Here at Reintech we develop our ''Unidirectional Vertical Air Flow'' through a unique plenum depressurized technique, through Units Filter Fan UFVs.The use of plenum depressurized ensures greater reliability in contaminatin control.