For environments wich requires biological or chemical containment, a safe process is required for operator and environment during the filter exchange.
The filter has contaminants from the area, and to provide contamination-free process, equipments such as Caixa de Filtro Troca Segura (CTS), or Bag in Bag out Safe Change are designed to protect personnel and the general. The equipment mitigates direct operator contact with the filter element, promoting proper replacement of the saturated filter. The CTS provides safe exchange by PVC bag with integrated gloves for handling, this “bag” wraps around the filter  during the exchange, and this will be discarded together with the filter. With this method, there is no risk of contamination for operator and the environment.
The REINTECH equipment is the only one in Brazil structured in aluminum with powder paint, point for reading the filter load loss and individual leak test point for each filter element.

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