New REINTECH’s video show more about the Mist + Airshower technology. It’s posible visualize the whole operation Mist + Air cycle of the equipment besides the Airshower construction option (without mist cycle).
Mist + Airshower are installed in clean room egress areas to control and/or contain particles from HPD (High Potent Drugs) production areas. The mist cycle occurs inside the booth, using sanitizing liquid above operador. This feature contributes to protection during the removal of working outwear by generating adhesion of the particles in clothing.
Equipment is autonomous and its mist/spray system is automatic. The Mist + Airshower operates with two AISI 304 stainless steel mist nozzles that cause contaminants adhered to protective outwear and also prevent particles from spreading in adjacent areas outside. In addition, it has 24 air nozzles designed with air jets with speed> 15 m / s on the four columns and roof of the equipment. Its air jet function includes to mitigate excesses of sanitizer and any remaining particle.
Airshower, without mist cycle, working principle is to remove contaminants from entering or exiting the clean room and/or controlled area.
“It is an equipment that allows to work with options like autonomous ventilation or connected to HVAC system, possibilities of classification as Grade C or D, ISO Class 7 or 8, plus cascade or siphon pressure control.” said eng° Artur Renó.
A great feature of REINTECH technology is the use of a unique technique “plenum column” pressurized by electronic fan.
The REINTECH Mist + Air Shower has already been supplied in cystostatic, antiretroviral, controlled oral solids and pigment production plants to meet these and other purposes it allows the adjustment of sanitization cycles duration, adjustment of the air cycles durating and has an interlocking system for electromagnetic doors.

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