The first Corona Virus outbreak, COVID-19, took place in China in December 2019 and since then it has been making fatal victims around the world. As it has spread, care with hand hygiene has never been more widespread and necessary worldwide.


Cross biological contamination has always been a concern for the pharmaceutical area and hand hygiene using alcohol gel displays establishes the formation of microbial biofilm, that is, grouped microorganisms attached to a surface

Automatic sanitizers have sensors that eliminate contact with the display and transfer contamination between users. The REINTECH company recently updated the REINHAND, model of Automatic Hand Sanitizer, to perfect the decontamination process, paying attention to compliance and support to hospital, pharmaceutical and food processes in Brazil.

The Reinhand is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with an easily accessible autoclavable sanitizing tank. Upon reaching the REINHAND atomizing nozzle by hand, the liquid solution is atomized over the hands for a predetermined period of time. Its design offers ease of cleaning, durability, eye protection and quick installation.

In the last published article, we highlighted the effectiveness of the product being used at our physical headquarters and who has been used by company employees as a protective measure against the virus. REINHAND is a 100% brazilian product and its installation requires a 110 / 220V power point and can be arranged on benches, partitions or masonry.