CAMFIL e REINTECH: Integrated Solutions

At FCE PHARMA 2018 the companies CAMFIL and REINTECH will present the "Integrated Solutions" partnership, that focus on clean process industries. According to CAMFIL and REINTECH, the partnership will move exports throughout Latin America with technological developments and consultancies for the pharmaceutical industries. Always seeking to improve the industrial processes efficiency. "Our differential is a tailor-made service, to develop quality, technical support, reliability and security of people and processes," said Leandro Aires, LatAm Marketing and Sales Manager at CAMFIL.
The two companies worked together on several projects, such as the BioManguinhos Prototypes and Biorreatives plant, and the supply of equipment and filtration used in the production of Yellow Fever Vaccine.
"This combination of techniques allows not only reliability in the control of non-viable particles, but mainly in the control of viable ones, which are the object of greater concern in environments of this nature," said Eng. Eduardo Rein, director of Reintech.
The partnership agreement was signed in february this year and the companies will be together in exhibition at FCE Pharma 2018, hall D129.