Air Lock de Descontaminação

DECONTAMINATION AIR LOCK: First system in Brazil under the "turn key" regime.

The company REINTECH delivered the first fully industrialized Decontamination Air Lock in Brazil to greater São Paulo. It is an environment/antechamber dedicated to microbiological decontamination of products and/or equipment. Unique in Brazil in turnkey format, it is composed of an air treatment system, a constructive system and a hydrogen peroxide vapor generation system - VHP, fully interconnected and working harmoniously with each other.

The REINTECH Decontamination Air Lock features an operation and disinfection cycle that fully complies with the GMP's recommendations, from a constructive point of view, and in full compliance with IN-05 MAPA, CTnBio and CDC. It has a fully automated process where, after the disinfection cycle, the products are available for entry or exit from the ALD, according to the object of use.

The system is mainly used for entry into sterile production areas or exit from bio-contained areas.

REINTECH was born in 2013 in São José dos Campos. It is a 100% national company in the Contamination Control sector of the life sciences industries.