Air Handling Unit - Application in Electronic industry

In the Electronic industry, contamination control has become indispensable. Nanotechnology, presente in most eletronics devices, requires an environment endowed with a high degree contamination control. The manufacturing cost of each product is extremely high, leaving errors and technical problems unfeasible. 

Contamination control in cleanrooms is based on ISO 14,644. The control is related to the amount of particles of a certain size in an environment. For most processes the tolerance is small, a particle of 0.5 µm can generate a large defect.

According to Intel, about their own room, they are up to ten thousand times cleaner than operating rooms, i.e. the environment has up to 3.5 particles smaller than or equal to 0,5µm per cubic meter. To reach this level, very sophisticated equipment controls the entry and circulation of particles by changing the air from the environment every six seconds.

Reintech Air Treatment Units have been developed for use where contamination control is of vital importance.

The Air Handling Unit developed Reintech,  It’s been developed for use where contamination control is vital for harsh industrial environments.They are manufactured exclusively to order and in according to the real needs of the environments where it will be used.